Modern center table.

Hello every one once again to my blog.
Its been a while since I blogged. but Its never too late. After a little big break I am back again with a new model. In my break I tried a lot to get inspired and create some thing. but I was on a vacation in Doha. so since I was not at home and away from my PC. It was not easy for me to get comfort able to use Maya on a Laptop. I tried hard. But there is no place like home. So as soon as I returned back to home I was eager to start up my computer. after some digging on internet I came up with a concept of a center table or also can be called as tea table and the list goes on and on and on.
So moving ahead. Talking about my model.
Yes it is a master peace, There is no other like this one as far as I know. this is my own concept.
very simple elegant in look. the remaining judgement i will leave it on u people.
as it is not a complicated model it did not take me too long to make it. May be an hour or less. I had to achieve perfection. After modeling it on Maya I took the .obj file to Keyshot6.
keyshot 6 makes things easy for me and I love it. As far as rendering for interior, products or automobile rendering is considered it works out pretty good and is very efficient and time saving too.
make sure u download it. its free
enough of talking lets look at the table I made.
its a anodized metal coating render

this a also blue anodized metal coating render 

this is too red anodized metal coating render

this is a 24k gold render

this a red anodized metal coat render

this fiber glass render

this is red fiber glass render

this is my favorite clear glass render


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